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Private Dermatologist in London for Quality Skin Care

Clear Skin Clinic is a renowned private dermatology clinic, conveniently located at Suite G, 117A Harley Street, Marylebone, London W1G 6AT, UK. We have a team of highly experienced private dermatologist who will help to diagnose as well as treat a variety of dermatological conditions like acne, dry skin, cellulitis, genital herpes, birthmarks, rosacea, hyperhidrosis, hair loss, nail fungus, scleroderma, mole removal and other skin problems.

At our modern skin clinic in London, we offer you top quality treatments for several diseases that affect skin, nails and hair. Our skin care specialists are always willing to help with any dermatological concerns in a relaxing environment.

We will diagnose your problem before suggesting the right treatment option. In London, if you have searched for ``private dermatologist near me`` to book a consultation, you can visit our dermatology centre directly or call on 020 71833648. Our Initial and follow up private dermatologist consultation prices are available on the fees page.

We Can Help You

Our private dermatology clinic in London is equipped with the latest and advanced technology for treating and testing skin condition. We have highly qualified female dermatologist who can guide you with the effective skin, nail and hair care tips as per your requirement. Recommendations for the best treatments are offered by our doctor on diagnosing your exact dermatological problems. Our skin specialists perform a variety of treatments for improving your skin condition and texture while removing warts as the same time. For any chronic condition like skin cancer our skin practitioner is there to provide support and advice to manage your condition.


Why choose our clinic for your private dermatologist in London near Harley Street

If you are in Harley Street or any where London and looking for top dermatologist in your area? Clear Skin Clinic is your one-stop destination where you would find private skin specialists and plastic surgeons that are properly licenced to practice. Our carefully selected dermatology experts all bring in together their wealth of experience, research and knowledge to meet patient expectations.

Experienced Team of Dermatologist

At Clear Skin Clinic, all of our selected consultant dermatologists are well experienced to give you the right treatment for better and healthy skin and also provide the best advice as per your condition.

Affordable Treatment Prices

Your skin can still be healthy and glow with us at affordable prices. All our dermatology treatments are pocket friendly, so you don’t have to be a rich celebrity to get good and healthy dream skin.

Same Day Treatment Available

We operate same-day treatments at our Harley Street dermatology clinic. This means that once your skins have been tested, we can start treatments immediately. However, this depends on the type and severity of your skin condition.

Specialists in Skin Cancer

We have modern technologies required for diagnosing skin cancer for all ages and also treatments. Are you looking for a skin care clinic with the right knowledge of skin cancer? You don’t need to look too far — get in touch with us to start your treatment right away.

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You can choose from weekends, weekdays or evening to book an appointment. Have the chance of meeting with our dermatologist in a comfortable and private setting.

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You can never go wrong when you come to us for your skin conditions. We look forward to seeing you!

Frequently Asked Questions

If patient wish to use their health insurance, they must attend the clinic with a pre-authorization number detailing exactly what services are covered. Patients who attend without pre-authorisation should pay on the day and claim reimbursement from their insurer.

We have dermatologists who work in the evenings and some weekends. If this is your preferredtiming, please call our team who can assist you further.

Clear Skin Clinic works with Consultant Dermatologistswhere a £50 holding depositis required to secure the booking. The holding deposit is used towards the cost of the treatment when you attend the clinic. If you do not attend your appointment, or cancel within 24 hours’ notice, we will retain your holding deposit.