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Dermatology Clinic in Harley Street London

Welcome Clear Skin Clinic – Trusted Dermatology Clinic London

Let's help you take care of your skin!

Clear Skin Clinic is the trusted dermatology clinic located at Harley Street, London. Our experienced team of private dermatologists provide proper consultations and treatment of diseases which effect on your skin, hair and nails.

We are the only dermatology clinic offering treatments and care to your every skin issues despite contagious and infection. Being located in the most convenient area- Harley Street, you don’t have to commute several miles to treat your dermatological problems. You can visit our walk-in clinic for regular checkups of your skin at the same time.

If you are looking for the top dermatologist in London, there is no necessity to look too far from your locality as we are here at your area. Our certified dermatologists are committed to assist you to cope up with several severe dermatology issues such as acne, rashes and dermatitis and much more.

You are even facilitated to book a private consultation with our dermatologists regarding your concerns about skin and hair health.

We Can Help You

We are fully equipped with some of the latest modern technology that would help us detect any skin issue and also we have one of the best teams of qualified dermatologist London that are well experienced in treating skin conditions.

Apart from treating skin issues, Clear Skin London is fully equipped with modern technology that would help to test and treat not just your skin but also your hair and nails.


Why Choose Us

If you are looking for the right skin specialist in London, then making Clear Skin Clinic, your choice is a good option. At our Dermatology Clinic, you would find well selected and experienced dermatologists and plastic surgeons that are properly licenced to practice. Our carefully selected dermatologists all bring in together their wealth of experience, research and knowledge to meet patients expectations.

Experienced Doctors with years of experience

If you are in search of a dermatology clinic London with well-experienced dermatologists, Clear Skin Clinic is the right place to go.. All our dermatologists are well experienced to give you the right treatment for better and healthy skin.

Treatments at affordable prices

Your skin can still be healthy and glow with Clear Skin Clinic at affordable prices. You can still have very healthy skin free from diseases and other skin conditions without breaking the bank. With Clear Skin Clinic, you don’t have to be a rich celebrity to look good and healthy. We are right here to help you achieve your dream skin without breaking the bank. All our skincare services are affordable.

Same day treatments are available

At Clear Skin Clinic, we operate same-day treatments. This means that once your skins have been tested, we can start treatments immediately. However, this depends on the type and severity of your skin condition.

Specialists in skin cancer diagnosis and treatments for all ages

Skin Care Clinic has modern technologies required for diagnosing skin cancer for all ages and also treatments. Are you looking for a dermatology clinic with the right knowledge of skin cancer? You don’t need to look too far — get in touch with us to start your treatment right away.

See a Clear Skin Clinic's Doctors now!

You can choose from weekends, weekdays or evening to book an appointment with one of our dermatologist. Have the chance of meeting with experienced Dermatologist Harley street London in a comfortable and private setting.

Contact us now on Call : 020 71833648


You can never go wrong when you come to us for your skin conditions. We look forward to seeing you!


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Our Team

Dr Ramia Mokbel

Consultant dermatologist

Patient age group Adults and children
Consultant registered on 12/06/2006
Primary medical qualifications MD
Foreign languages Arabic
Gender Female

Services Dermatology

Dr Ramia Mokbel

Frequently Asked Questions

If patient wish to use their health insurance, they must attend the clinic with a pre-authorization number detailing exactly what services are covered. Patients who attend without pre-authorisation should pay on the day and claim reimbursement from their insurer.

We have dermatologists who work in the evenings and some weekends. If this is your preferredtiming, please call our team who can assist you further.

Clear Skin Clinic works with Consultant Dermatologistswhere a £50 holding depositis required to secure the booking. The holding deposit is used towards the cost of the treatment when you attend the clinic. If you do not attend your appointment, or cancel within 24 hours’ notice, we will retain your holding deposit.



ReviewsI was suffering from terrible allergies. Over the counter medications didn’t help much and life was going from bad to worse. I started spending more time browsing the web for a solution. Then, a colleague recommended me the Clear skin Clinic. I went for the first consultation without much expectation. But the moment I arrived, all my worries were put to rest. I underwent the pinprick allergy testing to learn that I was allergic to dust mites. Since then, I bought cleaning products and vacuums as suggested by these people and that helped. I suffer seldom now, thanks to Clear skin Clinic.

Paul Blackwell (Patient Review)

Paul Blackwell

5 months ago


ReviewsMy eczema had been a constant problem since I was young and I had treatment of different sorts with mixed results. It was a colleague who suggested that I go to Clear Skin Clinic and see if they could help. I was so impressed by the staff at the clinic all of whom were kind and efficient. I have started treatment now and my skin is looking so much better.

Shirley Miller (Patient Review)

Shirley Miller

11 months ago


ReviewsI have recently started a job as a model. I am thrilled but I was self-conscious that my lips were a bit thin and I had to spend a lot of time with make up to make them look anything at all. I heard about the lip filler that Clearskin Clinic offered and decided to try it. What a difference! The enhancement is subtle but effective and I am getting more work than ever!

Eva Morgan (Patient Review)

Eva Morgan

11 months ago