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Acne Treatment in London

Acne is a common skin disease of the chest, face and. It does not occur due to bacteria, though it has an important role in the development process. Various products are available to treat and prevent acne. As the conditions vary, so do the treatments from person to person. However, all types of acne will not respond to the same medicine and our dermatologist will select the right treatment plan for your skin to prevent further damage.

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Signs and symptoms of acne

An individual with acne may have any of these blemishes.

  • Blackheads
  • Papules
  • Whiteheads
  • Nodules
  • Pustules
  • Cysts

Acne treatment can also be seen on the neck, chest, shoulders, upper arms, buttocks and back.

According to studies, people with acne may have these problems:

Low level of confidence

Many people who are having acne feel bad about themselves. Due to this problem, they do not want to mix with others at school and work place.

Severe depression

People who are suffering from acne seem to lose their self-esteem. Acne can be the reason for your depression that can severely impact your life

Dark spots on your skin

These spots are usually found when acne begins to heal. It may take months or years for the dark spots to fade away.

Permanent scars

If you have had cysts and nodules, there will often be scars as the acne disappears. It is advised to consult with a dermatologist for your skin treatment and get rid of acne. By treating acne before cysts and nodules can help in preventing scars.

Some FAQs on acne treatment

Is it safe to pop spots?

You should avoid popping spots as it might spread bacteria rather than getting rid of acne. If you try to pop spots, this might make things worse. It is suggested to use sterilized equipment and wash your hands and face properly to avoid spreading germs in other parts of your body.

How can you make acne disappear?

There are no quick fixes for acne, unfortunately. If you want to solve the problem of acne without damaging skin, practice a cleansing habit regularly. For this, you need to use an acne treatment that fights breakouts without causing more damage to your skin.

What is there in acne lesions?

It is essential to know what is present inside acne lesions to treat them properly. When pores get filled up with bacteria, dead skin cells and sebum, the combination can lead to inflammation and painful pimples.

How can you get rid of dark spots after acne?

The dark spots usually disappear over time. However, you may use sunscreen and avoid direct exposure to sun. Try using chemical peels and use it in the form of acne treatment to prevent future scarring.

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