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6 Effective Remedies to Remove Skin Tags at Home
01st May, 2019

6 Effective Remedies to Remove Skin Tags at Home

Are you extremely worried about your skin tags? Well, these usually occur in the young as well as elderly people. Though they do not cause any harm, they are considered to be a deformity and most people want to get rid of them.

Skin tags are also called acrochordons, and usually happen in people who are above the age of 60. They appear in the form of small growths on your skin surface where the skin folds. These usually happen under the breasts, around the neck, under the armpits, over the eyelids or groin folds. Here is the list of natural skin tag removal at home.

  • Apple cider vinegar – For this, you will require some drops of apple cider vinegar, scotch tape and cotton. Pour the vinegar in a small piece of cotton and strap it to the skin tag. Use tape to hold the cotton and try to keep it for a few hours. Repeat the process at least two times a day. The acidity of the vinegar helps in the quick shedding of skin tags.
  • Banana peel – You will need a banana peel which you need to cut in a small portion. After this, apply the fibrous part of the peel on your skin tag for one hour or more. You will have to repeat this procedure for a few days till the skin tag falls off. Banana peels are very effective in getting rid of warts with their acids and enzymes. These chemicals found in the peel can help to eliminate skin tags.
  • Baking soda – You will need 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and some drops of castor oil. Mix castor oil with baking soda in order to make the paste. Apply the paste on your skin tag and rinse it off after 1 to 2 hours. Repeat this method for the next 2 to 4 weeks and your skin tag will slowly start to disappear. Baking soda and castor oil change the pH of the affected area that helps in eliminating skin outgrowths like warts and skin tags. You may visit a skin tag removal clinic in London and talk to a dermatologist if the home remedies do not solve your problem.
  • Manuka honey – You will need manuka honey and band-aid to apply honey on your skin tag and then cover it with a band-aid. Keep the band-aid for a few hours and repeat this process for a few times during the day. Applying honey to the skin tag will restrict the supply of oxygen and get rid of these tags. Honey possesses wound healing properties that enables to heal the skin quickly and prevents the formation of scars.
  • Garlic – You require 1-2 garlic cloves which you will crush in order to make the paste. Apply this paste on the skin tag and wash it off after an hour. Repeat this process twice a day. Since garlic has anti-bacterial properties, the tag will fall off after a few days thus, giving you smooth skin.
  • Ginger – You will need ginger slices to clean the skin tags properly. Try to rub a slice of ginger in it for at least one to two minutes and make sure you do not rinse the juice that comes from the ginger slice. Do this at least 5 to 6 times a day. Ginger has various bioactive compounds that consist of anti-bacterial and healing properties. These properties are very helpful in getting rid of skin tags in some people.

These remedies are cost effective options to eliminate skin tags at home. You may also get in touch with our dermatologists at Clear Skin Clinic for skin tag removal and maintain your glowing skin.

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