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6 Tried and Tested Tips for You to Overcome Acne
31st Jan, 2019

6 Tried and Tested Tips for You to Overcome Acne

Acne is a terrible skin problem which affects thousands of people in London. This skin problem can arise at any time without any warning signs. The problem damages the facial skin, and in some cases, it damages the confidence of people who are suffering from it.

On the positive side of things, experts associated with a renowned skin clinic in London assure that Acne is curable, provided you stick to a great skincare routine throughout the year. Here’re some tried and tested tips in the paragraphs below that prove effective in managing and treating your acne.

Tips to keep acne under control

  • Fresh fruits and green vegetables: You have to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet on daily basis in order to resolve the acne problem. These types of foods can help you clear your body from such toxins that cause the acne. You can also prepare smoothies from fruits and vegetables which are essentially going to deliver you the same result.
  • Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc supplement: Many people have this for PMS.  You should also know that this supplement works great to resolve the problem of acne too. If you take this mineral supplement regularly, you will suffer a lot less from acne. Zinc, in particular, is an excellent remedy for the skin problem, state experts from a reputed acne scar clinic in London.
  • Green tea: Green tea offers tons of benefits to keep you healthier. As far as acne is concerned, it is rich in antioxidants which help you get rid of the toxins deposited in your body. Other than consuming, you can also apply green tea to your face to heal the scars caused by the acne.
  • Avoid milk and milk-based products: Milk has plenty of health benefits but it is not good for acne. It is advisable to cut down on your milk consumption if you’re suffering from acne. If you’re a milk lover, it’s okay to have rice milk or yoghurt seldom.
  • Drink more water: Water is a wonderful agent that helps your body get rid of toxins. In other words, water cleanses your body from the inside. Moreover, it also hydrates the skin. To resolve acne problem, increase your daily water intake.
  • Lemon juice: You can apply this in two ways. One, squeeze out the juice in a glass of water and just gulp it down. Two, apply the juice to your face. Lemon juice is particularly helpful if you want to get rid of acne scars.

Experts in London providing acne treatment believe that you must avoid all kinds of junk food to reduce the chances of getting acne. Follow these tips and your problem will be resolved to a great extent.

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