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Important Things to Know About Botox Treatment
18th Feb, 2019

Important Things to Know About Botox Treatment

Have you noticed fine lines on your forehead all of a sudden? Without a doubt your heart will skip a beat and make you worry a lot more about the signs of ageing. You might even be reminded of your friend who had a Botox treatment in London in the last year for her youthful and radiant skin. What would you like to do now? Obviously, you would want to see a dermatologist and overcome the problem of fine lines and wrinkles, right? But are you really ready to go under the needle? Thus, before you are all set to take the plunge and go for a Botox treatment; let us consider talk you through some points to make sure that you know the procedure in a better way.

What is Botox and what will it do?

Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic injectable neurotoxin used to reduce forehead creases, thick bands in the neck and crow’s feet near the eyes temporarily. It is a compound made of bacteria or botulism toxin.

It is injected by a plastic surgeon or cosmetologist. It is important for the procedure to be carried out by an expert if you want to achieve optimal results and not put your own health at risk.

Where is it used?

Botox is usually done on the crow’s feet around the eye area, brow furrows, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead and glabella creases between the eyes. It is also used in the armpit where it is injected in sweat glands to decrease sweating.

Who can undergo the treatment?

The suitable candidate for this treatment is the one who shows signs of wrinkles much before than expected. If you are having frown lines, Botox will make you look livelier and less stressed. The treatment is also effective for spatients who cannot accept invasive cosmetic surgery.

Does the treatment hurt?

There is minimal discomfort with this treatment. However, before you are injected, you may ask the practitioner to numb the areas that will be affected by anaesthetic cream or cold pack.

What are the risks involved with it?

The treatment involves localized pain, inflammation, infection, headache, swelling, skin tightness, tenderness, redness and bruising.

What is the recovery procedure?

After the treatment, the injected area will show slight swelling that will subside in the next 2 hours.

How long will the Botox last?

The effects of the treatment are visible from 1-4 days post-treatment. The results might last for 3-4 months on average as that is the time your body requires to regenerate new receptors within the muscles.

Botox is a common procedure and FDA approved component. At our skin clinic London, we ensure all aesthetic enhancement treatments to be done by a trained and experienced cosmetic specialists. Our Botox clinic will help you to solve the problem of fine lines and wrinkles that have developed due to signs of ageing.

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