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Your Complete Guide About Rosacea Treatment

Your Complete Guide About Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is said to be a skin condition that is usually mistaken for acne or sunburn. The face becomes flushed due to the dilation of small blood vessels that are close to the surface. It is generally accompanied with extreme dryness and irritation around the cheeks, chin, forehead and nose.

Rosacea is mainly characterised by skin inflammation and redness accompanied by certain spots on the skin, swelling of the nose and, irritation of the eyes which are more common in men though the condition itself is more common in women.

Some symptoms of rosacea:

  • Burning and stinging sensations.
  • Episodes of flushing.
  • Permanent redness.
  • Small blood vessels in the skin becoming visible.
  • Spots (papules and pustules).

Causes of rosacea:

Though the exact cause of rosacea is yet not known, several triggers are there that have made the condition worse.

Instead of coming and going on its own, rosacea treatment is caused due to environmental factors. The most common of which is exposure to direct sunlight. A sunscreen that contains Titanium dioxide or Zinc oxide to reflect sunlight rather than absorbing ultra violet radiation with chemicals such as benzophenones and like salicylates are needed for rosacea sufferers.

Common triggers of rosacea:

  • Stress.
  • Exposure to sunlight.
  • Exercise.
  • Certain chemical ingredients in skin care products.
  • Cold weather (wind).
  • Heat.
  • Menopause.
  • Certain medications.
  • Hot drinks.
  • Alcohol and caffeine.
  • Eating spicy foods.

What to eat during rosacea:

  • You should avoid the consumption of coffee, alcohol, hot soup, spicy foods and hot spices.
  • Other foods that often cause flare-ups are – avocados, aubergines, sour cream, cheese, yoghurt, citrus fruits, chocolate, liver, soy sauce, vanilla, yeast extract, spinach, vinegar, broad-leafed beans and pods.

Skin care tips for rosacea

There are many make-up removers and cleansers that have harsh ingredients such as alcohol (ethyl alcohol/ethanol) that can make the condition worse. You may choose gentle and unscented skin related products that do not have harmful chemicals in them. Thus, you can concentrate properly on removing the causes of rosacea and preventing the symptoms from progressing further. Some natural skin care tips for rosacea treatment are:

  • Avoid hot water and hot tubs that can make your skin condition worse.
  • Wear a sunscreen with SPF15 to keep your face cool by staying in an air-conditioned environment on hot days. You may even sip cold drinks, suck ice cubes or spray your face with rosewater-based toner or just cold water.
  • Cover your nose and cheeks by using a scarf during winter months.
  • Use a moisturiser during the cold season to protect yourself against the drying effects of the cold and the wind.
  • Do not use rough wash cloths, sponges or brushes.
  • Begin your day with a gentle facial cleansing by spreading it all over your face with your fingertips. Rinse your face with lukewarm water to get rid of dirt and use a cotton towel to dry your face.

You should talk to a experienced dermatologist of any skin care clinic in London who will suggest proper medication and other treatments to manage the symptoms of rosacea. These are a few of the tips that can be applied at home to make you feel and look better.

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