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Lip Fillers London by Expert Dermatologists

Lip Fillers Cost Start From £199

Lip Fillers are, the perfect way to give more plumpness and volume to your lips if they lack in shape or elasticity. At our skin care clinic, our dermatologists use juvederm ultra which contains hyaluronic acid; a natural substance for retaining moisture that boosts the elasticity and the hydration of your lips. This non-surgical treatment offers an effective and safe solution by making your lips soft and smooth. Our dermatologists deliver the most effective results within 48 hours by improving the natural shape of your lips with a medical solution that is injected into the lips.

Lip fillers deals with various lip concerns such as:

  • Increase the completeness of thin lips.
  • Enhance lip definition.
  • Create an attractive smile.
  • Give the mouth a rejuvenated appearance.

Want to improve shape and plumpness of your lips?

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Reason to Choose Lip Fillers:

One of the most common reasons why patients decide to go for fillers is due to the size or the shape of their lips. Some lips appear thinner and less defined due to age while others consider their lips to be narrow with a cupid's bow. Some patients like to apply make-up in order to create a false impression, however, this trick doesn't satisfy many.

Lip fillers will improve the natural pattern of your lips and give you beautifully shaped and well-defined lips. Our semi-permanent fillers are designed to imitate the natural hyaluronic acid of the body which will give you safer and long-lasting results.

With us, you are able to decide upon the exact look that you are after. Regardless of whether you want minimal intervention or are after a significant change, we can make it happen.

Before and After Lip Fillers Treatment

Lip fillers before 1 Lip fillers after 1
Lip fillers before 2 Lip fillers after 2
Lip fillers before 3 Lip fillers after 3
Lip fillers before 4 Lip fillers after 4

What is the process of the treatment?

The treatment will be done by our experienced dermatologists. A typical session lasts around 30 minutes. The results can be seen instantly and you will most likely experience mild swelling the following day. Not to worry though as the swelling will quickly go away after 48-72 hours after the treatment. The results of the treatment usually last somewhere between 6 to 9 months. After that, we recommend you to return back to our clinic and repeat the procedure in order to attain fuller lips again.

Benefits of lip fillers:

  • They add definition and volume to your lips, thus producing a more pronounced pout.
  • They provide a youthful and rejuvenated appearance.
  • They help in turning the mouth corner in an upward direction due to their fullness.
  • The procedure is non-invasive and doesn’t require any recovery time which ensures that you can get back to your daily activities immediately.
  • They are non-permanent and will break down naturally.
  • Lip injections are done by fully trained and experienced skin specialists.
  • The method can be customised based on your needs.

Aftercare effect of lip filler treatment:

  • There might be some kind of swelling, redness and tenderness to the lips that usually subsides within a few days.
  • There is no recovery time needed after the lip augmentation and you can resume your regular activities right away.
  • There can be occasional bruising however, it usually lasts a few days.
  • Your nurse will discuss the recovery options with you and what to expect during the appointment.

Advice from our dermatologists:

  • Do not wear make-up for 12 hours after the lip injection treatment.
  • Try to stay away from extreme temperatures till the swelling and the redness subsides.
  • Do not exercise for 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Stay away from the intake of alcohol for at least 24 hours after the treatment.

FAQs on lip fillers

Lip augmentation may be performed at different areas of your lips such as:

  • Lip outline or vermilion border to create width, definition and improve the lipstick bleeding lines.
  • Lip enhancement targets the fleshy part of the upper and the lower lips in order to achieve, fullness and volume.
  • Cupids bow for adding more contour and definition.
  • Oral lines or commissures that go down from the sides of the mouth for a younger look.
  • Philtrum ridges that go from the upper lip towards the nose to make it well- defined.
  • Fine vertical lines or perioral lines on the upper lips can be reduced due to smoking.

Lips are very sensitive, therefore, a wide range of anesthesia is available. Some of it includes numbing cream, ice pack and dental nerve block. Besides that, we use products that contain anesthetic, making the treatment extremely comfortable. Our skin specialists possess years of experience in the field and will ensure that the whole treatment goes smoothly without making you uncomfortable.

The lips will most likely get swollen after the treatment which will prevent you from being able to see the final result. The swelling usually goes away after a few days. We suggest that you visit our clinic every 2 to 4 weeks after you initial session in order to achieve better and longer lasting results.

You will be able to see the results right away, however, as the lips usually swell, you will not be able to see the full effect of the treatment over the next few days. The treatment will usually last between 6 to 12 months.

Lip injections at Clear Skin London are extremely safe, however, they do involve minor side effects such as swelling, itching and redness at the injection site. Bruising may last from 2 to 10 days. If you get unsatisfactory results, your specialist will suggest a treatment based on the feedback which can be changed later. If you are having cold sores, then going for dermal fillers may not be the best idea due to allergic reactions to the products that are being used.

Lip fillers create attractive lips with fullness and added definition. They are usually combined with dermal fillers which treat lipstick lines and create bigger lips with a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

We would be happy to book your appointment for a free lip filler consultation.

Why should you perform treatment at Our Clear Skin Clinic?

  • Skin specialists – You will be treated by one of the skin specialists in London who have experience in hyperhidrosis procedures.
  • Quality service and complete care - We feel great pride at providing one of the best lip filler treatments in London.
  • Location of the clinic – The treatment is performed at our dental clinic in the heart of Knightsbridge. We are located just 5 minutes walking distance from the Knights bridge tube station.
  • Great satisfaction of patients – Our patients are extremely satisfied with our services and outstanding results and many of them return to avail our treatments again. We would also recommend our family and friends to visit this clinic.
  • Top rated medication – We only use premium and FDA approved products for any kind of treatment at our clinic.
  • Care Quality Commission – We are Care Quality Commission (CQC) which means that we are a regulated and approved clinic that ensures to carry out standard care and treatments to patients.

Have your lips lost their definition or you never had complete fullness?

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