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Mole Analysis in London

At Clear Skin Clinic, we offer complete skin assessment for the detection of unusual moles and provide valuable advice on necessary treatment to be done. As prevention is the best cure, our experts also advise on personal skin care so that further skin conditions can be avoided.

If there are different kinds of irregularities in your skin, they are known as moles. They usually occur when the cells seem to develop in a cluster instead of spreading throughout the skin. The moles can be increased or flat, ranging in their color from pink to brown or black. Though moles may be there in your body since birth, many people do not get affected till the later years of life. Both direct exposure to sun and genetics have an important role in the formation of moles.

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When you should visit a doctor

We are amongst the leading skin clinics in London that analyses and removes moles with the right treatment. Usually, the moles are gentle and do not have any risks associated to the health. However, some growths can indicate the signs of having cancer. If you are above 30 and find a new mole or the present mole changes its size, shape or color, it is a good decision to visit a doctor immediately. The spots that are itchy, painful or prone to bleeding can be a major reason for concern. You may visit our skin care clinic where the specialists will not only assess but also remove cancerous growth and treat you with the latest cosmetic procedure.

What our specialists do for you

We analyse and remove any mole that looks suspicious or malignant. In most cases, we can do this on the same day itself before organising an examination under the microscope with a report to be issued the next day. We are also able to remove moles for cosmetic reasons with various techniques.

The right technique to remove moles with same day facility

You will find various kinds of mole removal creams available that do not require a doctor’s prescription. However, these creams seem to cause more damage to yourskin in most cases. The safest option is to undergo surgical procedure where the skin care specialists involve cauterization where heat controls the bleeding and deep cuts need to be stitched properly. Some clinics offer laser excision which is good for small growth that shows no sign of cancer.

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