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It is crucial to tackle the underlying cause of Acanthosis nigricans and then the condition may begin to resolve itself. Below are some treatments based on the underlying causes:

  • Weight Loss

For individuals with obesity-related or insulin resistance Acanthosis nigricans, weight loss may help improve their skin texture although the discolouration may still be a problem.

  • Refraining From Certain Drugs

In cases where certain medications cause acanthosis nigricans, drugs or supplements, discontinued usage may lead to the normalcy of the skin and reversion of the condition.

Cosmetic Treatment Options

Some individuals use cosmetics treatments to nullify the look or unusual odour of Acanthosis nigricans. These cosmetic treatments include:

  • Antibacterial soaps
  • Oral medications
  • Topical antibiotics
  • Reversion of skin thickening through laser therapy
  • Use of prescribed creams to lighten the colouration of the skin or to make thick, rough palates become soft.

Hormones Stability

For individuals whose Acanthosis nigricans is caused as a result of hormone disorders, our dermatologist London may prescribe the use of lifestyle changes, medications and other treatments that can help to treat their skin condition if their hormone condition is kept in check.

Tips for Managing Acanthosis Nigricans

Our Dermatologist, Harley Street London, recommends the following tips below for individuals with Acanthosis nigricans:

Consult our Dermatologist London Today before you proceed on using any exfoliant, bleaching cream or skincare product to treat the darkened skin area.

This is because the products do not always resolve AN. They can make it worse and irritate your skin.

Consult Our Dermatology Clinic London right away to know if a medication you are using is causing acanthosis nigricans.

As earlier established, some drugs and supplements may cause AN. Hence, it is necessary that you call on us to tell you if a medicine you are taking is causing Acanthosis Nigricans for you and if you would probably have to change the medication.

Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight

As earlier stated, one of the underlying causes of AN is obesity, and significant weight loss can help resolve the issue of AN. Visit our dermatology clinic on Harley Street London today to find out your body mass index and if you would need to embark on a weight-loss treatment.

Visit our dermatology clinic today to know if any underlying medical condition is causing AN!

Cancers, diabetes and other medical conditions can be underlying causes of Acanthosis nigricans. Visit or call our Dermatology Clinic today to know now about how to treat the medical condition that is probably causing changes in your skin.

Visit Our Dermatologist London Today!

Whenever you suddenly notice many darkened, thickened and velvety discolouration of your skin, make sure to schedule a visit with Clear Skin London immediately! It could be a warning sign of a serious medical condition. Do not hesitate to call us on 020 71833648 or visit our dermatologist in London.

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