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There are safe and effective treatments available for the treatment of acne scars. These treatments can reduce the scars which cause depression on the skin.

These treatments include minor skin surgeries, laser treatments, chemical peels, and fillers. These treatments can be performed by a Dermatologist London or dermatologic surgeon in a medical office.

The acne scars tend to become more visible as we age because our skins lose more collagen. The only way one can get effective treatment is by recognising the kind of scar and the best treatment for it. For instance, patients whose scars are deep will need to use fillerwhich will help in adding volume to the skin. After that, they may also need to use laser treatment.

The treatment for acne scars is only administered after the acne has been cleared. Having new acne will put you at risk of having new acne scars because each acne will cause the skin to be inflamed, and this will make the treatment for acne scar less effective.

The best results are usually obtained from this treatment when the dermatologist London examines your skin first to know the kind of scar they are dealing with.

In order not to have scars, you can visit Clear Skin London or call 020 71833648 so that our Dermatologist Harley street London, will help out in administering the needed treatment.