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Alopecia areata is mostly caused because of the presence of the following conditions:

  • Patchy hair loss: this problem usually starts when hairs fall out in one or more patches that may be about the size of a coin. The hair loss may first be noticed either during a shower or on the pillow during sleep.

This hair loss can extend from the eyes to the eyebrow or even eyelashes, beards and any part of the body where hair grows.

  • Hairs that are often called “Exclamation marks”: this is the occurrence of a few short hairs at or in bare spots. The bottoms of the hairs are usually narrow. This is why they are called exclamation marks.
  • Broad hair loss: patients tend to develop baldness. This hair loss can also occur all over the body.
  • Problems with the nails: alopecia can have some influence on the health of the finger and toenails. The presence of this condition can make the nails to be rough, have white lines or spots, become thin and divide, or have tiny pinpoint dents ( a condition called pitting). In rare occasions, the nails can have a change in shape or fall off.

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