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This disease is very common in children, and it has a few names that are being used in describing it. Some people call it eczema, dermatitis, atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis. In this article, we will be referring to it as atopic dermatitis (AD).

This disease is common during the first year of a child’s life. At this age, atopic dermatitis (AD) usually occurs as patches which are dry and scaly on the child’s skin. They commonly appear on the face, forehead and scalp but most commonly on the cheeks.

AD is a very itchy condition and children that have them often relieve the itch by rubbing their skin against carpeting or bedding. This itching can be really serious that it may hinder the child’s sleep. If the child scratches the skin too much, it may result in a skin infection.

AD can last for a very long time, so it is essential to know how to care for the skin during this period. Having good skincare and treatment can relieve the discomfort.

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