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Tips for Managing Basal Cell Carcinoma

You don’t have to worry if you have been diagnosed with BCC because they can be easily cured with most of the treatments mentioned above.

It is possible for BCC to reoccur after proper treatment, but it is always cured with additional treatment. People who have had BCC in the past still have a greater risk of having another one.

Our dermatologist in Harley street London advice patients on the way to manage these risks, below are the tips for managing the risks of basal cell carcinoma.

  • Don’t miss your appointment with your dermatologist

Make sure you follow up all appointments with us, this will help us detect BCC early and commence treatment immediately. Even the deadliest skin cancer melanoma can be cured 100% when it is detected early and treated.

  • Carry out skin-self exams

When you are diagnosed with skin cancer, we will teach you how to examine your skin and look for the signs of skin cancers. Do this as often as recommended by our dermatologist in Harley Street.

  • If you notice unusual changes call us

If you notice any unusual change that could be an early sign of skin cancer, call us and let us know. This includes growth and bleeding, and any abnormal change noticed.

This will lead to prompt treatment, which can cure this cancer. Our line is 020 71833648.

We are here for you!

  • Avoid indoor tanning and prolonged exposure to sunlight

This will protect your skin from UV rays from sunlight and tanning beds, one of the main causes of skin cancers. If you don’t do this, you will have a higher risk of developing another skin cancer.

Tips on How to Protect Your Skin

  • Wear sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun for a very long time, also apply a lip balm that offers protection from UV rays. Do this daily, most especially during the winter season.

The sunscreen and lip balm applied should be water-resistant, it should have a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB protection, and it should be SPF 30 and higher.

  • Apply the lip balm and sunscreen 15 minutes before going out and make sure you do this on dry skin.
  • Make sure the sunscreen is on every part of your body that will not be covered by your clothes
  • If possible, wear long sleeves, pants, and a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and the skin around it.
  • Avoid outdoor activities between 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, this is when the sun is at its peak.
  • Never use a sun lamp or tanning bed; avoid them like a plaque.

Your skin is the largest organ and your first immune system. You have to do whatever it takes to protect it from cancer. We are a team of expert dermatologist in Harley Street London, and we help diagnose and treat a wide range of skin condition.

Professionals will handle your case at our dermatology clinic London, and we will make sure we give you the best treatment that suits your situation and works closely with you to cut the risk of reoccurrence. We are just a phone call away!