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Cellulitis is a common skin problem caused by bacteria, and it is potentially dangerous because it can lead to severe infection. This happens when the bacteria infects the deep layer of the skin and also the tissues under the skin.

The first sign that you have cellulitis is when you notice that your skin is red and swollen. Also, when you touch the infected area, it feels warm and tender.

This infection can develop on any part of the body, but children get it more on the face or neck while adults get it on the lower leg. It can grow in a leg, but when the swelling and redness are in both legs, it could signify that you have another medical condition. It might be contact dermatitis or stasis dermatitis.

Cellulitis can spread to other body parts when it is not treated. The bacteria can go into the bloodstream and lymph nodes where they can cause permanent damage to the lymph vessels or cause a blood infection.

It can cause your immune system to become weak and may also cause other complications in the body. When cellulitis is treated promptly, it cuts the risks of complications and most people fully recover, and when a diagnosis is made on time, it can be treated with antibiotics and proper wound care.

You will notice an improvement in 24 to 48 hours after commencing treatment, contact your dermatologist if you don’t see any improvement. Severe cases of cellulitis need to be treated in the hospital.

At Clear Skin Clinic, our dermatologist London can help proffer immediate treatment and medical care if you have cellulitis. When cellulitis diagnosis is made early, it heals completely and does not cause long-term complications. Do not hesitate to put a call across to us on
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