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Tips for Managing Contact Dermatitis

  • Avoid the allergens
  • Stop wearing any item that gives you allergies for a few days
  • There is “wedding-ring” dermatitis, ask the dermatologist in London to give you ways on how to prevent having a rash from your wedding ring.
  • Avoid rubbing your eye to prevent allergens from objects like your phone from coming in contact with your skin
  • Stop using newly bought makeup, fragrance, or eye cream if you developed a rash after using it. This also includes shampoo and conditioner
  • Avoid using eyelash curler or tweezers because they contain nickel
  • Avoid using artificial nails or nail polish because it can cause a reaction on your face even if your hands don’t react.
  • Don’t apply fragrance directly on a rash and don’t use a pillow or towel that has fragrance on it
  • Don’t hold your cell phone against your face, use speakers or earpiece
  • Avoid hair dye or perm solution
  • Avoid being in wooded areas to avoid coming in contact with poison ivy
  • Metal musical instruments can cause rash because they are made of metals that cause a rash

You might have to stop playing the instrument for a while until you heal. Meet the dermatologist in London to prescribe medications that can treat the rash. A patch test can also be carried out.

  • When the cause of the rash is found, our dermatologist in London can help you make changes to enable you to play again

When to See the Dermatologist in London

Book an appointment with us today if you have a rash that:

  • Has blisters, itch intensely, oozes, and it’s severe
  • Is caused by an allergen in your workplace
  • Comes and go
  • Does not clear up in a few weeks

Clearskin London uses databases that can help them know what product you should stop using if you have contact dermatitis and the ones you can use. This will save you lots of time and energy. Contact us today, and we will be glad to work closely with you and help treat your condition.

All our dermatologists are well-trained with many years of experience in treating skin conditions.

We cant wait to have you at our dermatology clinic London.