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Treatment For Dandruff

If you have dry dandruff, there’s no need going to a dermatology clinic London for treatment. It can be treated using a very good shampoo. Ensure the shampoo is anti-dandruff and contain the following ingredients: Zinc pyrithone, salicylic acid or coal tar.

Before picking any shampoo, make sure you read the instruction and ingredients before adding it to your shopping bag or ask for advice from a pharmacist if you’re confused about making the right choice.

Since excessive usage of shampoo can cause dry scalp, we advise that you use it weekly and leave it for 5 minutes before washing off. You must also be patient when using a shampoo; don’t expect a miracle the first time you use it. Ensure you use it for at least one month to be able to judge if it’s working or not.

Once the symptom improves, we advise using the shampoo less often or risk having a breakout once more.

If you have oily dandruff, waste no time in visiting the nearest dermatologist Harley street London for proper treatment.

Fortunately, Clearskin London, do more than just offer skin treatment, we can advise you on the right shampoo to use and even prescribe the exact one used in our clinic to treat all kinds of dandruff.

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Clearskin London is one of the best dermatology clinics in London. We provide expert services to customers in the whole of London and use techniques that speed up treatment. We have a specialised treatment regime for treating both dry and oily dandruff and accompanied by guidelines that ensure they never surface.

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