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Tips for managing hidradenitissuppurativa

Sometimes making a few changes to your lifestyle can help in treating hidradenitissuppurativa. Research suggests that patients with certain lifestyle changes have less severe HS.

The following are tips for managing hidradenitissuppurativa:

  • Quit smoking: quitting smoking can help maintain a healthy living generally. It can also help in reducing HS flare-ups as well as other health conditions.
  • Lose weight: if you are overweight, losing weight is an effective way to control HS. This is often effective like some other HStreatment.

Research also suggests that when patients with HS lose weight, they have fewer bumps and less severe cases. Hence, losing just a few fraction of your body weight can make a lot of difference. Medical studies also showed that having HS can increase the risk of other health issues like diabetes, strokes and heart disease. Losing weight accompanied by a balanced diet can as well help in reducing most of these health issues.

  • Avoid shaving where you have breakouts: sometimes, shaving can irritate the skin. If you want to remove hair from your skin, ask your dermatologist on other safety measures for removing the hair.
  • Keep your skin all the time: constant sweating and overheating can help reduce and avoid severe HS. Ask your dermatologist for products like antiperspirant that can help reduce sweating. It is quite important to ask your doctor for a suitable recommendation as some of these antiperspirants are too harsh for most skins affected by HS.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes to help reduce friction: tight-fitting clothes like tight waistbands can rub against your skin, which can result in HS flare-ups.Ensure you wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid these skin conditions

Other recommended solutions for hidradenitissupppurativa

If you have deep HS lumps that are painful, the following can help reduce the pain

  • Make a hot compress:you can do this, by running a clean washcloth under hot water, while you place the hot compress on the HS for a few minutes.
  • Make tea with the help of teabag: place the tea bag in hot water, after the tea bag seeps in the water for some minutes, you can remove the hot teabag and place it on the painful nodule. You can keep the tea bag on the nodule for some minutes.

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