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Hives Hives


Hives, also known as ulticaria, is an outbreak of swollen red pale bumps on the skin that appear either as a result of a reaction to some specific allergies or for some completely unknown reasons. This may cause itching stings and burning sensations in the affected area and may appear on any part of the body, including the lips, tongue, face, throat, or ears.

Hives may vary in sizes and may join together to form larger outbreaks that are often referred to as plaques. These plaques can last for hours or more than a day before they finally fade out. Some other hives last for weeks —these hives are called acute hives, while other hives that last more than 6 weeks are called chronic hives.

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Hives and angioedema:Are they the same?

Angioedema is similar to hives as well, but in this case, they occur beneath the skin rather than on the surface. Angioedema features may includedeep swelling around the lips and eyes, and in some cases, swelling may occur around the genitals, hands and feet. Angioedema generally lasts longer than hives, but in this case, the swelling often goes away in less than 24 hours. Angioedema may occur in the throat, tongues and lungs, but hives may only occur in rare cases.