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What are the causes of ichthyosisVulgaris?

Most cases of ichthyosisVulgaris are hereditary. This is caused by a mutation in the genes that is responsible for encoding Flaggarin. Flaggarin is known to be a protein in the body that helps to create a natural barrier for the skin. Where this barrier isn’t present, the skin struggles to maintain enough moisture, thereby causing dryness and scales. The skin condition is mild on patients with one copy of the abnormal gene while it tends to be extreme on patients that tend to have two copies of the abnormal gene. Other causes of the skin condition could be as a result of the following:

  • The continuous use of certain medications
  • HIV
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Systemic conditionssome conditions that affect the whole body
  • Kidney and liver failure
  • Cancer treatment or therapy drugs
  • Medications that contain kava
  • Some medications that contain nicotinic acids etc.

When placed on a medication and you notice this abnormality in your skin, it is best to talk to a reliable dermatologist close to you. With Clearskin London, reliability has been out watchword through the years —callusor visit our dermatology clinic London for proper orientation and if there are any possible remedies.

Who can get IchthyosisVulgaris?

A patient can get ichthyosisVulgaris through one of the following three ways

  • Inherited genes of ichthyosis from either of the parents
  • Gene mutation of ichthyosis while in the womb
  • From a disease or certain medications.

Ichthyosis can affect anyone, no matter the age or size. When the skin condition is as a result of the gene, it first appears during childhood between the ages of two months to five years. The other type of ichthyosis is unusually very rare and can only affect adults and only happens where it is being triggered by either a type of medication or disease.



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