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Tips on how to manage and maintain impetigo

Since impetigo is quite contagious and can be easily spread to other parts of the body. To avoid this, it is important tocarry out the following safety precautions.

Ways to prevent spreading impetigo to others

  • Avoid skin to skin contact with non-infected persons
  • Avoid scratching and touching your sores to avoid the infection from spreading to other areas of the body.
  • Keeping the sores clean and covered can also help to prevent the disease from spreading while ensuring a quick recovery.
  • Maintain personal hygiene by washing your hands after treating the infected area
  • Disinfect doorknobs and other surrounding areas that the infected person has touched
  • If your skin is itchy, you can apply an anti-itch medicine to avoiding scratching often, as this can easily transfer the infection to other parts of the body.

To prevent impetigo from reoccurring, you can take the following precaution:

  • treat the wound in the right way
  • maintain personal hygiene by washing your hands after using the toilet
  • avoid close contact with someone with impetigo
  • wear clean clothes

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