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What are the causes of MCC?

The cause of MCC is still under study and scrutiny. In 2008, scientists discovered a virus called Merkel cell polyomavirus. It is believed that this virus is the cause of MCC because it was found to be present in almost all Merkel cell tumours.

The virus is still under scrutiny and study by scientists to understand how it works, how it causes Merkel cell tumour, and how it can be controlled.

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Who is at risk?

Results from research show that men are more likely to get MCC more than women. Also, age seems to be a factor, as about 90% of people who get MCC are aged 50 years and older. Most importantly, the greatest percentage of people who are affected, are people who have been under constant exposure to the sun and has not made efforts to limit or control the number of time they spend under the sun.

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Factors that increase the risk of MCC

It has been established that age and overexposure to sunlight places people at risk of getting Merkel cell carcinoma. More factors equally contribute to the increase in the risk of MCC. They include;

1. Medication

Some medications weaken the immune system. These drugs are taken before an organ transplant procedure. It is meant to prevent the body from rejecting the transplanted organ by weakening the immune system.

2. PUVA therapy

A medication called methoxsalen has been administered alongside PUVA therapy. Recently it was discovered that the medicine methoxsalen contributed to the development of cancer in some patients. Methoxsalen has been known to contribute to the slow but definite development of cancer in patients.

3. Diseases that affect the immune system

Diseases like AIDS and lymphocytic leukaemia, weaken the immune system, leaving your body vulnerable to serious diseases

4. Infrared light or arsenic exposure

Infrared light or arsenic exposure increases the risk of having MCC when exposed to it. It could be from the environment or the workplace. In some cases, there have been traces of arsenic in well water that people drink.

People can have one or more of the risk factors mentioned above, but it does not automatically mean that you have MCC. It simply tells you that it is likely you can have MCC provided you have any of the risk factors. For some people, it can become a source of anxiety and fear — we at Clear skin London advice you to book an appointment with our dermatology clinic and be examined.

Our well qualified and experienced team of dermatologists in London will examine you and quell any fear you might have.