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Melasma Treatment


Diagnosing melasma is not a complex procedure, and can easily be done during a visit to the dermatologist. By merely looking at the skin, a dermatologist would be able to tell if it is melasma or not. To get a proper view and determine the extent of the patch into the skin, an instrument called a wood’s light is used by the dermatologist to look at the skin.

There is another skin condition that produces dark coloured patches on the skin, just like melasma. To differentiate between these two skin conditions, a skin biopsy is carried out. In this procedure, a bit of skin is removed and examined.

Treating melasma

Often, without treatment, melasma can fade on its own, especially if the trigger is controlled or stopped, like the intake of contraceptives, or when a pregnant woman puts to bed.

Other times, melasma does not go away unless treated. There is a wide range of treatments available in dermatology clinics.  They include;

  • Use of medication

These medicines are used to lighten the skin. It could be kojic acid or azelaic acid and must be prescribed by a dermatologist to be applied to the skin.

  • Hydroquinone

This is the most sought after treatment option for melasma. Its treatment is by lightening the skin. It comes in various forms for application onto skin like gels, liquid or cream.

  • Corticosteroids and Tretinoin

Often called a triple cream (when hydroquinone is added), it is also an effective treatment method. It can either be one or the other, or a combination of all three. It is applied to the skin as a cream, and it also lightens the skin.

Contact our dermatologists London for treatment recommendation before going ahead to use any treatment.

Treatment by procedures

This treatment option is chosen when medicine does not work. Procedures such as laser treatment, dermabrasion and chemical peel are usually the most common procedures used.

Possible side effect of melasma treatment

Sometimes, side effects can arise after treatment. At Clear skin London, we are constantly available to attend to complaints of side effects like

  • Darkening of skin
  • Irritation of skin

Preventing melasma

Nobody wants to have a patch of skin that is different from their normal skin tone. Which is why there are measures one can take to prevent having melasma. These precautions are;

  • Wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from excessive UV light from the sun
  • Choose your skin products wisely
  • Wear glasses and hats with wide brims when outdoors
  • Avoid waxing because it can cause inflammation

If you have any skin defects like melasma, do not hesitate to seek help from our dermatologist in London. Clearskin London is here for you. Our dermatology clinic is open to all who need our help. Call us on 020 71833648 to book an appointment or to get treatment.