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Nail-Fungus Nail-Fungus


When one has nail fungus, the infected nail changes in colour, which may be white. Some other signs are thickening of nails or debris beneath the nail.

Getting a fungal nail infection is easy because a fungal infection in one nail on your foot, can spread to one or more of your nails. This is common.

Nail fungus can also be contracted in a moist, warm place such as a locker room or pool deck. If an individual who has this infection walks around barefooted, all you need to get the disease is also to walk barefooted on that same place.

Nail fungus can also be contracted when an individual has wet nails for an extended period. Some individuals get it from wearing a particular pair of sweaty boots or shoes.  When your fingernails are wet for several hours because of a hobby or job, there are chances of also getting infected.

What you’ll notice on infected nails varies with the kind of fungus which caused the infection.

Several individuals have some discolouration of their nails. There might be white spots on the nail; some nails also turn brown, yellow, or green depending on the fungus responsible. As the infection gets worse, the infected nails will lift from the toe or finger, crumble, or thicken; some nails may even become thinner.

Nail fungus can be very uneasy, so, reach out to ClearSkin London on 020 71833648 for diagnosis and treatment.


It is imperative to go for treatment if your immune system is weak or you have diabetes. When a diabetic person gets infected with nail fungus, the risk of getting sores that don’t heal increases — Severe health conditions can arise as a result of wounds that don’t heal. It is necessary to go to a dermatologist (or a doctor) for diagnosis, the moment you notice a nail issue.

Early diagnosis and treatment will likely clear the issue early, allowing you to grow new healthy nails. Early treatment, also helps to prevent the fungus from spreading to other individuals or other parts of your body.

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You cannot get rid of a nail fungus by covering it with nail polish or artificial nails.



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