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You are required to do two things to clear neurodermatitis, which are:

  • Stop rubbing, scratching or touching the area(s) that are affected
  • Follow the treatment plan you were given.

Even the treatment that is the most effective might turn out ineffective if you touch, rub, or scratch the area infected with neurodermatitis. Because it can be difficult not to do these – these tips are offered by dermatologists to reduce the itch:

Following the treatment plan that you were given. The plan you were given includes medicine which can stop itching. You must use the medicine as directed for it to stop.

If the itch begins, have a cool bath or apply a cool compress. The heat is reduced by this, which can then eliminate or reduce the itch. Applying colloidal oatmeal (can be bought where you purchase beauty and health products) to your cold bath can also help in reducing the itch.

Stay calm. Anxiety and emotional stress can result in the flaring of neurodermatitis.

Your body should be kept at a comfortable temperature. Sweat and heat can irritate your skin, resulting in flaring of the itch.

Put on loose-fitting cloth made of cotton, which feels smooth when touched.  The skin can be irritated by tight clothing, thereby resulting in an itch in the area. It is also a great thing to avoid clothing which is made of synthetic fabric such as rayon or polyester,  or even clothing made of wool.

Avoid what causes an allergic reaction to your skin or what causes irritation to your skin. If you are not confident about the thing that can do this, you should ask for triggers from your dermatologist.

Till you’re ready to put a stop to scratching

If you have been scratching a particular region for years, it will likely be hard to stop. Till you are sure that you can avoid rubbing, touching, and scratching the part, the tips that follow may help:

The region should be covered. Covering the area with corticosteroid tape or clothing, using plastic to wrap the area putting on Unna boot (gauze dressing which contains ingredients such as zinc oxide to help in rapid healing) can help you in preventing scratching. This can be immensely helpful if you scratch when you’re asleep.

Make sure your fingernails are very short. If you scratch, short nails tend to cause less damage.

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