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How do dermatologists diagnose pityriasis rosea?

We recommend that diagnosis of pityriasis rosea be done by an experienced dermatologist, as the rashes could be easily recognisable to him/her. In a handful of skin diseases cases, the rash bears a resemblance to either ringworm or nummular dermatitis, and so is harder to recognise.

A blood test may be needed to diagnose pityriasis rosea or a simple test of a sample of your skin under a microscope.

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Can Pityriasis Rosea clear without treatment?

In some people, the disease disappears after a time of 6 to 8 weeks. Few persons might find the rash lasts longer than 8 weeks. The disease does clear in the majority of people without treatment.

What is the treatment of unbearable itching?

Light treatment or medicine could be prescribed by the dermatologist to help relieve the effects of the itch. More information on treatment can be provided to you when you visit our Dermatology clinic here in London. Call 020 71833648 to book an appointment.

What is the outcome of the treatment of pityriasis rosea?

The rash appears only for some time and leaves no trace behind.  Flat brown spots could appear on the bodies of people with dark skin, and while they do also clear, they might last for months. In most cases of the outbreak, pityriasis rosea never returns.