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Before proposing a method of treatment, our dermatologist London will make a diagnosis using an ultraviolet lamp or a sample to see if it is truly Pityriasis Versicolor. This is because the appearance is mostly confused for eczema and nappy rash due to their discolouration.

In most cases, the treatment can be carried out at home provided you know the right ingredients to use. In several dermatology clinics London, the treatment is based on the use of antifungal shampoo that contains mainly ketoconazole. This product usually gives very good results in a single application. At the end of the treatment, white spots will replace the old skin lesions and will disappear after exposure to the sun.

At Clearskin London, we have a stock of special ketoconazole creams, which will eliminate this disease after one application. When you purchase over-the-counter creams, there’s a risk of getting one that doesn’t work, which is why it’s mostly advised to purchase from a certified dermatology clinic.


It’s common for Pityriasis to reoccur even after treatment. Hence, it’s important to seek treatment in a dermatology clinic with a reliable and well-experienced dermatologist London. During the summer, the occurrence of Pityriasis Versicolor is quite high. Ensure you protect yourself from the humid weather during such conditions.

To reduce the likelihood of occurrence, use antifungal shampoo and cream once in a while. Prevent excess usage; you can use it a day or two before your holiday to reduce the risk of the disease.

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At Clear skin London, we take extra measure to prevent the re-occurrence of this skin condition. Apart from prescribing anti-fungal shampoo and cream, we prescribe anti-fungal tablets, which help to fight against the disease and strengthen your immune system to defend itself when the fungus re-surface.

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