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Ways To Relieve Discomfort Associated With Scleroderma Symptoms

Although people experience different symptoms and types of scleroderma, one common feature is skin thickness and hardening. To relieve the symptoms, dermatologists in London recommend the following tips.

  • Take time to care for your skin
  • See a dermatologist when you have any skin problems
  • Moisturise dry skin
  • Take care of an affected part of the skin by cleaning them
  • Keep to any instructions given by your physician
  • Protect skin from injury
  • Infected thickened areas should be kept warm
  • Stay away from beauty treatments that affect the skin
  • Where the air is dry, use a humidifier
  • Quit smoking

After recovery, maintain appointments with your physician and dermatologist to avoid re-occurrence of scleroderma or any other disease. Visit our dermatology clinic for a checkup or call us on 020 71833648.