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Managing Seborrheic Keratoses: Tips

Like we said before, most seborrheic keratoses require no treatment but you need a dermatologist London if:

  • The growth disturbs you and you want it to be removed
  • There’s an irritation of the growth from the use of clothes or shaving
  • It is an actinic keratosis (a dry, rough, flat, and scaly appearance) that can cause skin cancer
  • Your seborrheic keratosis looks different from the usual
  • There’s a sudden appearance of this growth alongside several new skin growths (this may be a red flag indicating body cancer)
  • The growth develops quickly, turns black, cause itching, or bleeds (probably a tell-tale sign of skin cancer)

Try not to remove a seborrheic keratosis on your own. It poses a risk of infection. You need a specialist at Clearskin London.

An appointment with us at our Dermatology Clinic London today is your best option.