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It is not easy to treat or cure it because varicose eczema tends to reoccur. It resists many treatments and sometimes may be frustrating for the individual concerned. To treat varicose eczema, it’s first necessary to treat varicose veins.

Fortunately, we combine a varicose vein and varicose eczema treatment. To reduce the risk of any of them recurring, we treat both diseases at the same time. We eliminate any factor that can make it resurface in future. Hence, we guarantee long-term satisfaction.

At Clearskin London, several self-help measures are prescribed to eliminate varicose eczema. While this method will not eliminate varicose veins if you have any, it will slow down the symptoms.

In most cases of varicose eczema,  our dermatologist London may suggest the wearing of stockings that will squeeze your legs and ankle, thereby making the upper leg loose, helping to improve circulation. This is also combined with antifungal and anti-inflammatory treatment.

Also, self-help measures such as raising your leg frequently improve circulation while moisturisers can also be applied on the skin to prevent dryness. If none of this self-help measures works, then it’s better to seek the help of a dermatologist or visit the nearest dermatology clinic London to get a solution.

Call us right away! Our varicose dermatologist London will be glad to offer assistance.

If you have varicose veins, then it’s important to seek the help of a varicose specialist rather than a regular dermatologist. This practitioner will be able to prescribe a suitable solution for you. Treating varicose eczema about testing varicose veins will yield no result. Rather, they will reoccur again, and you end up spending more than you ought to.

Types Of Eczema

Eczema is of several types, and varicose eczema is just one of many. In general, eczema refers to a skin condition which drys and irritates the skin. The most common eczema type is atopic eczema while contact eczema only appears when its skin comes in contact with a substance, it is allergic to.

Discoid eczema, on the other hand, only occurs as circular patches on the skin.

You can always reach out to us for any eczema type you might be experiencing. Our dermatologists are vastly knowledgeable and experienced in treating several skin conditions within London and its environs.

When To Seek Medical Advice

When booking an appointment at a dermatologist clinic, the first step of treatment is to carry out a diagnosis. Thanks to its appearance, the signs of varicose eczema is very easy to detect without using any advanced technique.

To be sure that the symptoms aren’t confused with another, the dermatologist will ask a series of question to confirm further whether you’re having problem with blood flow around your leg. During further diagnostics, your dermatologist will inquire whether you have a history of varicose veins, leg ulcer or surgery around your leg.

Also, your pulse will be checked to see if a compression stocking is suitable for you or not. Your blood pressure reading will also be taken from your hands and ankle to detect the difference in blood flow.

Seek Specialist Attention

When the itching becomes severe, you may require the service of a specialist to carry out more tests. Our dermatologist London is a highly qualified dermatologist with experience in testing varicose vein and eczema.

At Clear Skin London, We have the right vascular specialist for you that will handle your treatment. To meet with our vascular specialist, book an appointment today.