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Causes Of Vitiligo

The causes of vitiligo are still uncertain. Several hypotheses attempt to explain the appearance of vitiligo. According to research, it is an autoimmune disease. The affected person is said to be producing antibodies that will cause the disappearance of melanocytes, the substance responsible for the production of melanin.

Some dermatology clinics have also linked vitiligo to genetic factors. Several members of a family may be affected. Stress is also a vector of vitiligo development. This is a shame when we know that the appearance of depigmented areas will generate stress that will accentuate the loss of pigments. Vitiligo may also be associated with thyroid dysfunction.

We at Clearskin London know how uncomfortable this condition can be which is why you should give us a call right away so that our dermatologist London will proffer a suitable treatment plan for you.