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Causes Of Warts

A wart is caused by a specific type of virus when it comes in contact with the skin. Warts are most likely to develop on broken or dry skin, especially around areas nicked by shaving or scratched by hand-nail. Outside a living organism, this virus is harmless but regenerates when it finally penetrates the top layer of the skin through wounds, cuts or scratches.

Even though most dermatology clinics are still in limbo about the causes of warts, research shows that the risk of warts is higher in some people than others. While most people never get infected even when they have untreated cuts, others may get quickly infected due to their weak immune system, which seems defenceless against the disease.

From most dermatology clinics observation, warts are contagious, which means one can get infected from touching warts on someone who already has it. By coming in contact with objects or surface that have also touched warts, you can also get infected. This includes using the same towel, bathmat or shaving stick with someone that already has the disease.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us or call our office if you come in contact with someone that has the virus!