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Most people don’t bother about seeking medical help when warts occur because of their small size. It is believed that they will disappear on their own, which isn’t always the case. However, most people seek medical attention when their warts become painful or appear in areas visible to the public.

Like most skin diseases, the aim of treating warts is to destroy it or boost the immune system to prevent its re-occurrence.

In some cases, treatment may take a month or even weeks for warts to disappear completely. Dermatology clinics London employ different treatment option for warts. The type of approach used depends on the area it appears.

  1. Cryotherapy

Also known as freezing. This treatment is specifically performed in dermatology clinics. It involves freezing the wart by the application of liquid nitrogen which causes a blister to form below warts and usually fall off after a few weeks on its own. Unfortunately, this freezing treatment may feel uncomfortable and even leave scars behind.

  1. Laser treatment

This treatment is usually carried out by a dermatologist London. It is done on large warts, especially those proven too stubborn to eradicate. This is more like a last resort when other options have failed to work.

Laser treatment uses high energy light to cauterise blood vessels around the wart. Without blood supply from the vessels, the tissues slowly dies, and warts will eventually fall off on its own. Just like freezing, laser treatment also leave scars that are hard to remove.

  1. Topical treatment

In early stages, when the disease is detached, gels and creams are prescribed for home treatment; this treatment works for plantar warts and slowly removes the layers of warts till they completely disappear. Even though topical treatment does not cause scars, the gels or creams contain harsh ingredients which may cause itching or burning sensation. Gels used for topical treatment are not sold without prescription.

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In dermatology clinics London, warts are often diagnosed by their appearance. A diagnostic test can be conducted in some cases but is not always necessary. During the physical examination, the top layers of warts may be scrapped off to check for small dark dots that usually form the blood vessel.

In advanced dermatology clinics, dermatoscopy is used to distinguish warts from other skin conditions.

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