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Skin Prick Test in London

Skin prick test, also known as scratch test or puncture helps in checking for allergic reactions to various substances immediately. The test is usually performed to detect allergies to dust mites, foods, mold, pollen and pet dander. However, the same test is done on the forearm in case of adults while children are tested on the upper back.

The main benefit of conducting skin prick allergy test is that it is not that painful. The needle is used for this test that penetrates into the surface of the skin. You will not feel minimal discomfort or bleed with this test.

Want to know if your skin is reacting to any chemicals being used? Well, there are two substances scratched in the surface of your skin and these include –

  • Histamine
    This substance will cause some kind of response to your skin for most people. If you do not react to histamine, the test might not reveal allergy, even if you are having one.
  • Glycerin or saline
    These substances usually do not cause reaction for most people. However, if you have some reaction to saline or glycerine, then it might be due to sensitive skin. The results of the test will be interpreted to prevent false allergy judgment.


Nearly 15 minutes after your skin pricks, the nurse will be observing your skin to see if there are any signs of allergic reactions. If you’re allergic to any of these substances, you will developred and itchy bump that looks like mosquito bite.

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How skin prick test works

Allergy testing is quite simple like pricking the skin which means inserting a small substance and waiting for the result. In case you are allergic to a substance, a bump with red ring will be seen within 15 to 20 minutes which can be extremely itchy.

As antibodies prompt the release of chemicals, histamine can be the reason for an allergic reaction. At this time, certain reactions can happen within your body which includes:

  • The blood vessels become porous and widened.
  • Fluid breaks out from the blood vessels that may lead to redness and swelling.
  • The body produces more mucus, which causes teary eyes, runny nose and congestion.
  • Your nerve endings are being stimulated, which causes rashes, hives or itching.
  • Your stomach will produce more acid.

In extreme cases, two things might happen:

  • Your blood pressuredrops due to widened blood vessels.
  • Your bronchial tubes become narrow and airways swell.

How to perform skin prick test

  • You need to clean the area of your skin with alcohol that should be tested.
  • The nurse prepares a series of marks on your skin that are used to keep a track of different allergens and how skin reacts to them.
  • A small drop of each allergen is placed on the skin.
  • The nurse will prick your skin surface under each drop so that a small amount of allergen will seep under the skin. Though the process is not painful, some people will find it irritating.
  • After the test gets completed, you have to wait for any kind of reaction that usually peaks within 15 to 20 minutes.
  • The allergic reactions to your skin will be measured and evaluated.

Skin prick testing can be performed for all age group which has made it the safest treatment. Rarely, a skin prick test produces allergic reaction which usually occurs in people with medical history of severe reactions. It is common when the individual has food allergies and the doctor will be prepared to treat these reactions.

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