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At Clear Skin London, we have a team of professional and expert dermatologists in our Dermatologist Clinic London. They are highly qualified and friendly to talk to. Why don’t you book a private dermatology consultation with us today? 

Who Exactly Is A Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a medical specialist who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems affecting the skin, scalp, nails, hair, genitals, lip and mouth. Our dermatology clinic London, is highly specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of various kinds of dermatology conditions. Visit our office today at Dermatology Harley Street London to get started!

About Our Private Dermatology Consultation

At one point or the other, your specialist or GP may have referred you to consult a dermatology clinic or you may even have considered visiting a dermatologist London on your own volition.

What Happens During A Private Dermatology Consultation?

During a private dermatology consultation, our Dermatologist London examines you by asking a couple of questions and reviewing your medical records. During the process, our dermatologist may have a physical examination of your skin. This diagnosis and analysis are done using a magnifying device known as dermatoscope.

For proper diagnosis and understanding of your conditions, our dermatologists may have to arrange diagnostic tests.  These include blood tests (for the screening of consistent levels or markers with specific conditions); skin swabs (for the detection of bacterial, viral or fungal conditions, or reactions to antibiotics during treatment); or a skin biopsy (in which a specialist pathologist examines a small piece of skin). Usually, biopsies results take about two weeks, swabs results take about four weeks as a result of the laboratory processes involved, and blood tests results take up to ten days.

Usually, our private dermatology consultation runs through the course of 20 – 30 minutes. However, since our dermatologists are very experienced, some consultations may last shorter than the estimated time range. Our dermatologists would not consume much of your time. Contact us today to schedule a private consultation!

Depending on the results of the diagnosis, our dermatologists will prescribe specific treatments and their side-effects or risks, and the hopeful outcome of taking such treatment options. The treatment options could include methods such as cryotherapy or surgery, injections, topical or oral medication etc. For any required medications, our dermatologists may recommend a private prescription. In the case of an untreatable condition, our dermatologists will offer expert suggestions on how to manage the situation. However, if our dermatologists diagnose an abnormal condition, then they will refer you to a specialist dermatologist. In another manner, the services of an endocrinologist could be considered if the condition involves the activities of other body organs. And if our dermatologists perceive that the situation will resolve on its own, they will advise that you take no course of action.

During the private dermatology consultation, our dermatologist will encourage you to ask questions concerning the condition and diagnosis procedures; what were the means of contraction? What are the ways to prevent it from happening again? Our dermatologists care about the health of your skin — they want to hear from you today! Contact us right away!

What Are The Information And Preparation Needed Before Having A Private Dermatology Consultation?

One of the information needed and helpful to our dermatologists is your complete medical records. This would enable our dermatologists to make a detailed evaluation of the possible conditions. You must brief our dermatologist as much as you can on whatever medications or treatments you are taking currently, before the commencement of the private consultation. Our dermatologist would also find beneficial and relevant, the information in your letter of referral (probably from your GP) that may serve as a suitable foundation for the dermatologist.

For consultations regarding scalp issues or hair loss, we recommend that you bring along copies of your blood tests within the past eighteen months. However, there is no need to worry if you have not had any blood tests; our dermatologist will determine the necessity of the tests during the consultation.

You can also let our dermatologist know of any potential allergens that you feel should be taken into consideration during the consultation. We recommend that you come along with a pen and a jotter to note down some crucial pieces of information.

Besides, it makes it easier and more effective for our dermatologist when you come over wearing loose fitted clothing, and when your skin is clean and free from polish, make-up, or fragrance.

The Side-effects Or Possible Threats of a Private Dermatology Consultation

Our dermatologists will always explain the side-effects, possible risks, and the kind of hopeful outcome of the recommended and prescribed treatment. If some procedures or medications are not suitable for individuals such as pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, individuals on some specific drugs, our dermatologist will always make sure to let them know. 

What Next After a Private Dermatology Consultation?

Usually, after the results of the test come in, we recommend that you should visit our Dermatologist Clinic for a review consultation to discuss and organise treatment plans and medications based on the results. Usually, our dermatologist would request that you come for a routine co

nsultation at our Dermatologist Harley Street London Clinic after a month or two, to monitor your response to treatment. However, if you notice that your condition worsens or manifests an unexpected change, then we recommend that you visit our dermatologist for a review consultation immediately.

How Much Does A Private Dermatology Consultation Cost?

You can contact us today to receive a quotation for our fee. Do not worry; we guarantee you affordability, quality and effectiveness in all our services. Our quote for a private dermatology consultation will include the cost of booking an appointment, the costs of any recommended tests (examples could be blood tests, biopsies or swabs), and also treatments and medications costs such as cryotherapy, surgery, injections etc.

Visit your Dermatologist London today!

The health of our skin is vital. It determines our appearance and overall outlook. It is, therefore, necessary that you take utmost care of your skin and that you call on Clear Skin Clinic for all your dermatology needs today. We are one of the best Dermatology Clinics in London. Do not hesitate to call us on 020 71833648 or visit our Dermatologist London office today.

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