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Neurodermatitis Neurodermatitis
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Neurodermatitis is a skin infection which starts with an itch.

There can be a development of itching in any place on the body’s surface. An itchy patch commonly develops on a legs arm, or at the back of one’s neck. It commonly grows around the genital and anal areas. When it becomes visible in the genital area, it can mostly be seen on the vulva or scrotum.

The intensity of the itch can be as much as making the infected person rub or scratch the itch very often. The itching can also come and go. For several individuals, the itch is felt more in the areas when they’re sleeping or relaxing. The itch makes some people rub or scratch the region when they are asleep — and can wake someone up from sleep.

Most times, this itch starts when someone just had a very stressful time. Even the moment the stress reduces, the itch normally continues. The itchy patch’s appearance can be changed by rubbing or scratching.

If you feel that you have neurodermatitis, reach out to Clear Skin London on 020 71833648, and we will be ready to help.