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keratosis keratosis


Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition that is very common and harmless, which causes small and hard bumps to appear on the skin — it makes the skin feel like rough sandpaper. These bumps are usually light-skinned and some people usually refer to it as goosebumps or plucked chicken skin.

The causes of the bumps are mostly as a result of dead skin cells plugs. These plugs can be seen around the upper arms and the thighs. These bumps can also be found on the cheeks of children.

Keratosis pilaris is harmless; however, if the itching, dryness or their appearances on the skin make you feel uncomfortable; some treatments can help to reduce the symptoms and also help you get clearer skin. Treating dry skin can help to reduce the symptoms of keratosis pilaris because these bumps are more noticeable when the skin is very dry. Treatment can be done using moisturisers or prescription cream to help the appearance of the skin.

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