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Scabies Scabies


Scabies is a skin infection from an eight-legged bug called the human itch mite, that burrows into the uppermost skin layer to feed and dwell. When there is a reaction on the skin due to the presence of the bug, there will appear intensely itchy rashes.

The human itch mite can’t be seen physically on the human skin. It usually burrows into the skin to lay numerous eggs. It can quickly spread through skin-to-skin contact.People also pick up the human itch mites through infested items such as clothes, bedding and furniture. The human itch mite can survive outside the human skin for about 4 days. Millions of scabies cases are recorded worldwide annually.

Scabies can affect anyone regardless of the age, race or economic level. Even meticulous persons do get infected by scabies. It is prevalent in nursing homes and extended care facilities. Fortunately, scabies can be successfully diagnosed and treated by dermatologists.



ReviewsI was suffering from terrible allergies. Over the counter medications didn't help much and life was going from bad to worse. I started spending more time browsing the web for a solution. Then, a colleague recommended me the Clear skin Clinic. I went for the first consultation without much expectation. But the moment I arrived, all my worries were put to rest. I underwent the pinprick allergy testing to learn that I was allergic to dust mites. Since then, I bought cleaning products and vacuums as suggested by these people and that helped. I suffer seldom now, thanks to Clear skin Clinic.

Paul Blackwell (Patient Review)

Paul Blackwell

5 months ago


ReviewsMy eczema had been a constant problem since I was young and I had treatment of different sorts with mixed results. It was a colleague who suggested that I go to Clear Skin Clinic and see if they could help. I was so impressed by the staff at the clinic all of whom were kind and efficient. I have started treatment now and my skin is looking so much better.

Shirley Miller (Patient Review)

Shirley Miller

11 months ago