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Varicose Eczema

Varicose eczema is closely linked to varicose veins and appears as a result of increased pressure in the leg veins which destroys the valves. It is common in most adults than kids. The risk of occurring is even higher as we get old.

Varicose eczema occurs when the veins bring the blood from the periphery to the heart, and when the blood circulates badly, varicose eczema appears. Due to a defective flow, the blood accumulates and stagnates in the blood capillaries.

While most dermatology clinics have linked varicose veins to be the root cause of varicose eczema, further research shows its not always the case.

People who do not have varicose veins can also get the disease.  Hence, the symptoms are complicated.

If you are suspecting having this skin condition or have it and want to be treated, do reach out to us at Clearskin London. Our team of dermatologists will be glad to guide you through the treatment process. Give us a call right away!