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Causes of varicose eczema are usually linked to increased pressure in the veins around the leg. When valves around the veins stop working the way it ought to, it becomes increasingly difficult for blood to be pumped upward and it flows back in the direction of gravity.

The increased pressure in the leg vein causes fluids to flow into surrounding tissues, and varicose eczema may develop when the immune system starts reacting to the fluid. However, most dermatology clinics in London suggest that varicose eczema and veins are inter-linked. Hence, the risk of prevalence is higher in people with the latter.

Despite all the explanation above, varicose veins may occur in some people without any reason, and cases like those have been linked to other factors which include:

  • Obesity
  • It’s more prevalent in women than in men
  • Pregnant women due to the increased pressure around the leg
  • Sitting in a particular position for a very long time
  • If you’ve suffered from thrombosis, then you’re likely to have this disease as a result of excessive blood clots which may damage the valves.