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Most times, frequent washing, contact with irritating products, exposure to cold and dry air,  can put our hands and skin to the test. They become irritated and dry, sometimes even cracked or chapped.

And let’s face it, dry skin, in addition to being uncomfortable and even painful, are not attractive. Hence, it’s important to get a solution as soon as they occur. In most cases, mild dryness usually requires changing our habit or using moisturisers. However, there are situations when they fail to go away, no matter the precautions you take.

According to most dermatology clinic London, Dry skin isn’t accidental. Hence, it’s important to know the causes and how to prevent them once you notice the symptoms.No matter the severity of your skin condition, our team of dermatologists at Clearskin London will do their possible best to help you find a solution.

Simply book an appointment today and come down to our clinic for our dermatologist London to take a quick look and profer a solution.