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Head lice Overview

Head lice are a common condition and are also called Pediculus humanus capitis. Head lice usually are caused by head-to-head contact with a person who has head lice. During such contact, the lice crawl from one head to the other head. These lice infect both clean hair and dirty hair. The lice survive by sucking blood from the scalp of a human.

Head lice are extremely common, and each year, millions of people are infected with the infestation. These infestations are more common in schools and public playgrounds. The presence of head lice in your hair could cause your scalp to become itchy. While it is unproven that these lice spread any disease, sores could appear on your scalp if you scratch the itch and these sores could cause an infection. For most people, not scratching the itch is extremely difficult.

Treatment of head lice most times can be done at home. It is advised you seek the expertise of a dermatologist London if you have any difficulty treating the lice, or you find you’ve developed an infection due to scratching the sores.

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