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Impetigo Impetigo


This disease (Impetigo) is a common and contagious skin infectionamong children living in London. More than 50% of people with impetigo, including children, athletes, and footballers often contract this skin infection through physical contact with an infected person. However, you can also get infected by using objects that are infected with the bacteria causing this skin infection.

The infection is usually known to start from minor cuts, insect bites, or rashes like eczema. Regardless, the infection can also occur on healthy skin.

When impetigo affects healthy skin, they are often referred to as primary impetigo, while secondary impetigo occurs when it infects a broken skin. It is quite important to make this distinction, especially when carrying out treatment on the infected skin. Although they are highly contagious, it is rarely serious as it easily clears off on its own in a few weeks or a month

Nevertheless, treatment is highly recommended to avoid other complications and infections. Without timely treatments, the infections can easily develop new sores or blisters. It can also go deeper into the skin, which of course can be dangerous. Timelyand adequate treatment can also help reduce your chances of passing this infection to others.

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