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Causes of impetigo

Bacteria are one of the major causes of impetigo. Thus, an individual can easily get infected when the bacteria that cause impetigo injures the skin. These bacteria can also get in through an insect bite, cut, or any other form of injury that exposes the skin. Once these bacteria get inside the injury or scrape, the bacteria causes infection in the top layers of the skin.

Who can get impetigo?

Anyone can get impetigo, including older children and adults. However, the risk is often high in children around 2 to 5 years of age.

Athletes and wrestlers also have a higher risk of contracting it because of the skin to skin contact that is involved during these recreational activities. More so, since the bacteria that cause impetigo thrive well in warm places, swimmers also have high chances of getting infected, accompanied with people that live in areas where there is hot and humid weather condition.