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What is Dandruff

Source of discomfort in everyday life, these small white particles that appear especially on dark hair or on black clothes are dandruff. The opinion is unanimous — they are unattractive and causes itch. According to our experts at dermatology clinic London, Dandruff affects 1 in every 20 persons, whether male or female and the risk of occurrence is higher in people between the ages of 18 – 50.

Visiting a dermatologist clinic is the easiest way of getting rid of it. However,  to get rid of it, it is better to know the origin, causes as well as symptoms. Knowing this will prevent re-occurrence.

At Dermatologist clinic London, we specialise in treating all kinds of skin conditions ranging from herpes, eczema, hair loss, dandruff, Impetigo and other skin conditions. To help you maintain healthy skin, we provide useful information on how to prevent the disease from appearing in future.

How embarrassing it could get if you accidentally stroke your hair with your fingers in public only for white flakes to start coming off. If dandruff clings to your hair, the probability of that happening is quite high. At Clearskin London, we have a highly experienced team of dermatologist that can eliminate dandruff in no time.

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