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What-Is-Dermatology What-Is-Dermatology

Dermatology is the pathophysiological science that studies, diagnoses, and treats diseases of the mucous membranes (such as the lining of the genitals, mouth and eyelids), the hair, nails, and most commonly, the skin. Therefore, a dermatologist is one who is involved in diagnosing and treating all abnormal conditions that affect the skin, hair, mucous linings etc.

Skin problems are not age-specific; they can affect anybody and any gender across all age brackets. As a result, dermatologists receive patients from infants to adolescents and the elderly. At Clear Skin London, we provide an extensive range of professional skin care services for newborns and adults alike.

Our services include dermatological consultations, diagnosis of all skin diseases and dermatological conditions, expert advice on how to manage the conditions, and effective treatments and medications that guarantee the recovery and happiness of you and your family.

Furthermore, our professional dermatologists have experience in paediatric dermatology. Paediatric dermatology is specialisation in skin diagnosis and treatment for children with skin problems and conditions. At dermatologists London, we provide your babies and children with the most effective and high-quality services that are required.

The Skin

Do you know that the skin is the largest organ in the human body? For the average adult, the skin covers an estimated 18 square feet. The skin is an essential organ of the body; it helps to control the body temperature and combat the invasion of malignant bacteria and microorganisms. The skin also helps to prevent the loss of water from the body and safeguard the body from the environment.

The skin is also one of the indicators of the health status of the human body. It helps doctors and dermatologists to undercover further underlying conditions that even the patients may not have known existed.

The Vast Knowledge Of Dermatologists

A major misconception most people have is thinking that dermatologists only know about the skin. On the contrary, this is a fallacy that should be disregarded. Dermatologists train in a vast number of other fields which include:

  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Pathology
  • And even physics.

Dermatologists acquire knowledge on all these other medical fields because of the nature of their work. In most cases, the dermatological diseases they diagnose are often related to or affects other areas of the human body.

For instance, a female patient may come to our dermatology clinic, London, probably for excessive hair growth treatment as a result of hirsutism. Our dermatologist may then have to refer the patient to an endocrinologist and a gynaecologist in the possible case scenario where polycystic ovarian disease is the cause of the hirsutism.

In referral cases like this, the specialists involved will contact and discuss with each other to meticulously and adequately prepare a treatment option or medication that will bring out a desired and effective hopeful outcome in the patient’s condition.

Dermatologists and Surgeries

Some dermatological cases may require different forms of surgery; hence, our dermatologists are equipped with both medical and surgical capabilities.

For instance, our dermatologists may need to carry out the following dermatological processes in the discharge of their professional roles:

  • The removal of damage, growths and discolourations caused by exposure to ultraviolet sources. This helps to improve the appearance of the skin.
  • Carrying out biopsies to ascertain a particular diagnosis
  • The removal of any abnormal moles to prevent the emergence of any underlying skin cancers

The Modern Nature of Dermatology

Dermatology is a continually developing area of expertise with a bright future for practitioners. This area of specialisation has continued to experience advancements in treatment plans, medications, and dermatological procedures and diagnosis.

The skyrocketing growth of technology has been aiding the development of dermatology as a field and also enabling experts to tackle more complex problems encountered in their daily practice.

It is good news that our team of dermatologists at Clear Skin London are not lagging in these advancements and rapid developments in this field. We assure you of highly effective treatments and tested-and-proven modern drugs and procedures. Contact our dermatology clinic today for a life-changing dermatological experience!

The Value Of Dermatologists

Do you know that modern dermatologists diagnose and treat over 3,000 various dermatological conditions? From acne to eczema, skin cancers to nail infections, psoriasis to fungal and yeast infections, and down to dermatitis and warts.

Our dermatologists specialise in various methods of improving an individual’s nails, hair, and skin appearance. On different occasions, our dermatologists have helped patients to improve the appearance of their scar tissues, reduce age spots and laxity, as well as wrinkles and fine lines.

Some of the Dermatological Conditions We Specialize in Include:

Eczema, Atomic Eczema and Contact Dermatitis

Eczema is a non-contagious acute or chronic skin inflammation with symptoms such as itchiness, dryness, redness, and oozing vesicular wounds which become encrusted and scaly.

Among the various types of eczema, the most common is atomic dermatitis. Atomic dermatitis usually occurs during childhood. Although it is prevalent in children, it can also affect individuals across all age brackets. According to a study, atomic dermatitis affects an estimate of one child out of five children in the UK. Irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis are other forms of eczema.

There is a possibility that children may experience dry, sensitive skin in adulthood regardless of them outgrowing eczema. It is essential to recognise the type of eczema to develop an effective treatment option. The treatment option for eczema can be complicating and includes reducing the incidence of flares through a program of skincare maintenance. It also involves treating acute conditions.


These are little bumps that usually develop on the skin of the feet and hands. They are common with children and teenagers within school age. Although warts can vary in their look, they usually have an oval shape or round appearance. Also, their surface is mostly scaly and hard and has a black dot, called the seed, in the middle of each spot.


Psoriasis is a non-contagious disease that appears as grey or silvery flaky patches or spots on the skin which appear red and inflamed underneath when scratched. Presently, psoriasis has no cure. Regardless, there are treatment options which can be used to manage the disease. At Clear Skin London, we aim to help affected individuals live with the disease, with minimum discomfort.


Acne is the most prevalent skin disease. Usually, the outbreak starts during childhood, especially at puberty. It is so common that it affects an estimated 80% of all individuals within the ages of 11 to 30 years of age. Acne occurs on the face of an individual.

In some cases, it spreads to the back and chest. The effects of acne can be psychological as it can also disfigure the affected area permanently or cause scarring. There are a plethora of different types of acne spots.

Acne Treatment

It is vital to treat acne in its early stage to prevent the development of permanent disfigurement resulting in scarring. There are a lot of treatments for acne which vary from tables to effective face washes that only a dermatologist can prescribe. Hence, the treatment of acne depends on the kind of acne an individual has.

Our dermatology clinic London advises that you do not squeeze or pick acne spots as it could increase the risks of scarring and also cause damage to the skin around the affected area. Some psychological effects of acne scarring include depression and low self-confidence, and this is one of the troubling issues acne patients experience.

Scarring depends on the seriousness and kind of acne. However, our dermatology clinic at Clear Skin London provides a wide range of treatments that would promote self-confidence in our patients by treating their acne scars and improving their overall appearance and outlook.


Moles are small, dark pigmented spots or wounds found on skin surfaces. Moles do not usually cause any medical issues. They are benign. Some moles either develop during childhood and adulthood, or they appear right from birth.


A birthmark is a pigmented mark that is present on the body of an individual right from birth. The shape, size, colour and depth of birthmarks often have significant distinctions. We at Clear Skin London understand that you do not like the presence of these birthmarks and you desire to remove or reduce their appearance. Do not worry; our dermatology clinic can recognise and help mitigate the effects of these marks for you and your child.

Our Treatment Modes

During the consultation appointment with our patients, we usually inform them about the range of treatment alternatives available. Eventually, we proceed on with the best and effective solution or treatment that would not only resolve the condition but also have the support and consent of our patients.

Since we deal with skin problems, our dermatology specialists may recommend topical lotions, creams, medicines, therapies, dressings, or a combination of a number of these methods. Our nurses and specialists will always attend to your questions, such as how the medications should be carried out or the timing of carrying it out. Besides, our dermatologist will gladly offer a few tips on how you can prevent skin conditions or infections from happening again or spreading to other individuals.

Thanks to modern advancements in medicine, our dermatologists offer a variety of advanced treatments such as iontophoresis, cryotherapy, laser and IPL therapy, hyfrecator electrosurgery, immune system stimulation, artificial uva and narrowband UVB, among other treatments.

Our History of Highly Effective Services

At our dermatology clinic, we have a history of providing the best and most effective dermatology consultation, diagnosis and treatment. Our clients can fully attest to this. We receive referral clients regularly because of our quality services that deal with all forms of aesthetic skincare to the treatment of infections and diseases. Our dermatology clinic London has some of the best and professional specialists with a vast experience in providing skincare services, from diagnosis to prescribing effective medications and treatment options.

We Provide Complete and Proper Skincare Services

We understand the basics and complexities of dermatology, and we know there is an extensive list of dermatological problems which you may be facing. Our goal is to put a smile on every family’s faces. Let us help you restore more confidence to your family by resolving any skin problem they may be faced with, from eczema to warts, to birthmarks, to scars and moles, and lots more. All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call to get started today!

Our nurses and doctors are empathetic and supportive. They work together to ensure that the complete care of your family comes before anything else, from aesthetic and medical therapies to medications and consultation. Our dermatology clinic always works towards total welfare and satisfaction of our dermatology patients.

Our Efficient and Effective Treatment Protocols

At Clear skin London, our experienced doctors and nurses work based on an efficiency-oriented basis while consequently working towards achieving effectiveness at the same time. They make sure that our dermatology patients are all examined and treated within one day. This helps us to fast track our mission of providing efficient dermatological treatment plans that give you and your family happiness and puts a smile on your faces.

We also specialise in the treatment of other related skin conditions SUV as

  • Psoriasis
  • Vitiligo
  • Melanoma (Skin cancer)
  • Allergies
  • The reduction of scars and keloids
  • And a range of many more other dermatological conditions.

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The health and care of your family’s skin is essential. It determines your appearance, overall outlook, and self-confidence level. It is, therefore, necessary that you take utmost care of you and your family’s skin and that you call on Clear Skin London for all your dermatological needs. We have a team of amazing dermatological specialists in our dermatology clinic London.

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