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Acne can scarcely be prevented, but there are things to be done if you want to reduce your risks of having reoccurring acne.

When you have acne, our dermatologists recommend you:

1. Get it treated

Treating your acne will reduce your chances of having a scar and will also make your acne outbreaks fewer. To prevent scarring from acne, we advise you get your acne treated if you have any of the following:

  • Painful cysts or nodule (they are more likely to leave scars behind)
  • Acne which had its onset at an early age. People who had acne early often experience more severe acne within the span of a few years.
  • Acne that does not respond to the products you use
  • Family members with acne scars

2. Continue treatment when the acne clears

Continuing with the treatment even after the acne clears will help in keeping the skin free from blemishes. The method of treatment may be altered, and only one product may be used for a few times per week.

The dermatologist usually tells when it is time for you to stop the products.

3. Do not pick, pop or squeeze your acne

Minor blemishes usually leave scars behind when they are picked, popped or squeezed.

4. Be gentle on your skin

It is important to avoid scrubbing the skin during an acne outbreak. This can worsen the acne and increase your risk of having permanent scars.


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