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How Dermatologists Diagnose Atopic Dermatitis

In dermatology clinics in London, the dermatologists diagnose atopic dermatitis (AD) by carrying out a physical examination of the skin to check for the presence of a rash. The dermatologists also ask some questions to know if the skin itches, if there is a person in the family that has AD, asthma or hay fever and other important facts.

There are times when the dermatologist London may carry out a patch test to check for the presence of allergies. This test is done by placing a little amount of allergy-causing substance (allergens) on the child skin and notice for a reaction. Results are usually being collected after every 24 and 72 hours. Researches have shown that some of the used allergens worsen AD.

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How Dermatologists Treat Atopic Dermatitis

AD cannot be cured but can be controlled by treatment. It is important to treat AD because it can:

  • prevent the worsening of AD
  • reduce the pain, itch, and make the skin calm
  • stop a person from having an infection
  • reduce emotional stress
  • prevent the thickening of the skin, which makes AD worse.

This disease is usually treated with lifestyle changes, skin care and medicines to help prevent the flaring up of this disease. Tips for coping are always given to help a patient ease the burden of this treatment. It is always very helpful to stick to the plan of the treatment. Dermatologists in Harley street London usually create the plan of the treatment according to the needs of the patient. The medications and other therapies are usually targeted on

  • the reduction of inflammation on the skin
  • itching control
  • treatment of infection if any
  • removal or reduction of the scaly patches
  • prevention of the formation of new patches.

It is advisable to get treatment from a dermatology clinic in London if you have been diagnosed with this condition.

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Possible Outcome

According to researches, when AD is formed in infants or young children, the condition usually gets better or disappears completely by the age of 2.

About 50% of the childhood cases of AD will continue until adulthood, but the disease usually becomes milder when a child becomes an adult.

It is not possible to detect if AD will ever go away or stay forever, so it is safer to use the available treatment to relieve the discomfort and prevent the condition from worsening.

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