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Tips for Managing Birthmarks

It can be worrisome when you see a birthmark on your bay. It is advised by dermatologists in London that you do this:

  • Contact us for an examination of your child’s birthmark; this will help us rule out the serious case and start early treatment if need be.

We can also tell you what to do about the birthmark and tell you what type of birthmark it is.

  • Know that most birthmarks are harmless and pose no risk to yourself. If you are worried that the size or the location of the birthmark might affect your child’s appearance, let our dermatologist Harley Street London

We will tell you if it is permanent or will fade, and we will also tell you about the risks and benefits of treatment.

  • We can recommend early treatment which yields the best result, like in the case of port-wine stain that does not go away, it gets dark and thick with time.

It begins as a flat mark that can be of various colours like purple, pink or red.

  • It is normal for the birthmark to grow as your child grows, sometimes it can grow rapidly without causing problems and then fade away.

Sometimes it might cause problems when it grows quickly.Contact the dermatologist in London if your child’s birthmark causes pain or break open. We would treat it and care for the wound.

It is natural for moles to grow as the child grows, contact us if you notice changes to the mole-like jagged border, change of colour or multiple colours, and rapid growth.

Call us on 020 71833648 to examine your child’s birthmark when you notice it. We will tell you what to expect and how to go about it. We also offer expert advice and tell you what to do when the birthmark starts giving you problems.

You can ask for advice on the phone or see us at our office. We will be glad to be of help to you. We will work closely with you to help resolve any skin problem.