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Treatment of Herpes

As for treatment, there is none to ensure the definitive cure of genital herpes. In addition, the vaccine is still nonexistent. When one is contaminated by the virus, one is, therefore, a lifelong carrier. Anyway, the symptoms of the disease are treated with drugs so as to minimize the duration of contagion lesions and promote healing.

During seizures, the attending physician may prescribe oral antivirals for a period of five days in general. These remedies are known for their effectiveness in reducing the duration and intensity of the symptomatic signs of this infection. If the need arises, at the beginning of the infection, the antiviral treatment is associated with an analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug to fight against pain.

Sometimes this treatment is prolonged between outbreaks of herpes, as a preventive measure, in patients with multiple periods of recurrence a year, at least six. It is the same if the sexual partner is subject to significant complications. This preventive treatment extends between six to twelve months with a daily dose of one tablet.

Some cases even require hospitalization to treat the pain caused by urination.

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Herpes is accompanied by unbearable pain which makes life uncomfortable. Apart from that, the occurrence of herpes around the vagina and cervix makes Urination quite painful and increases the risk of complication during childbirth.

Clear skin London not only help reduce the risk of genital herpes but suppresses the symptoms to the barest minimum. During an appointmentt, we take our time to advise you on the guidelines to follow to prevent herpes and eliminate the virus from the body system!.

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