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Twelve ways you can prevent any other nail infection

You can get another re-infected because fungal infections are contagious. If you take the following precautions, however, your risk can be reduced.

  1. Put on shower sandals or flops when you walk in moist, warm areas such as locker rooms, gyms, spas, pools, and public showers. Doing this will prevent you from contracting athlete’s foot and nail fungus.
  2. If you have just been treated for nail fungus, dispose of boots, shoes, skates, and other footwear that you put on before commencement of treatment. The fungus can thrive in footwear, thereby resulting in another infection.

If your footwear is new or expensive, disinfect it by making use of ozone cabinet or UV (ultraviolet) shoe sanitizer. These are available online.

Keep flip flops beside the pool. That way, you can put them on anytime you’re out of the water.

  1. Wear a clean pair of socks daily, and anytime there’s sweat on your stockings. This assists in preventing the growth of fungi. Putting on moisture-sucking socks can also help in reducing the need of you changing your socks.
  2. Wear shoes which:
  • Are not tight (fit well)
  • Prevent overheating and keep your feet dry
  • Are made using canvas, leather, or mesh

This helps in preventing the growth of fungi in your shoes.

Alternate shoes: Fungi dwell in moist places such as damp shoes. This growth can be reduced by giving your shoes twenty-four hours to dry out before you put them on again.

  1. Sprinkle antifungal powder into your shoes. These products can treat any fungal nail infection, and also help in preventing the growth of fungus in your shoes.
  2. Keep your nails short. Whenever you trim your toenails, cut them straight across and be sure they are shorter than the end of your toes. You should also keep your fingernails short. This assists in preventing fungi and other germs from entering your nails.
  3. Your nail clipper should be sanitized before making use of it. For you to sanitise some nail clipper, you need to wash it with water and soap, then wipe it by rubbing alcohol on it.

If you go for nail care in a saloon, ask how often their nail clippers are disinfected, as well as their Emery boards and some other tools. They need to sanitize this equipment after each use. Failing to do this can cause fungal infection to spread quickly from one customer to another.

  1. Don’t ever share shoes, towels, skates, clippers and some other personal items. Fungal infection can easily be contracted when you share a personal item. Individuals also get ringworm and athlete’s foot when they share personal items.
  2. Make sure your leg is dry and clean. Wash your feet with water and soap daily, carefully washing between your toes. After washing your feet, dry them thoroughly.
  3. You should also avoid having sweaty or damp feet for an extended period. A warm, damp area gives fungi the perfect place to dwell.
  4. Dry skin should be moisturised. Small cracks on your skin can be an entrance for fungi — Moisturise within five minutes after washing your hands and bathing, to ease dry skin.
  5. Treat athlete’s foot as soon as you get it. Fungi also cause Athlete’s foot, and this infection can spread to your nails.

Check The Nails For Early Signals For Infection.

Signs of early fungal infection noticeable when you check the skin surrounding your nails and at least once monthly. You want to check out for:

  • Changes in the colour of the nails; like a yellow or brown streak, or white spot
  • Variations in your nail’s texture
  • Swelling or soreness around a nail
  • Itchy, dry skin

If any sign of infection is noticed, create an appointment to see youssr dermatologist.

We at Clear Skin London know how uncomfortable you can be when you have nail fungus. Reach out to us on 020 71833648 so that our dermatologist Harley street London will help recommend a suitable treatment for the nail fungus. We await your call!



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